This site was created for Non-Jews (and non-observant Jews) who are curious about what it means for food to be kosher. It gives a reasonable general overview of the different rules for different kinds of food.

No special knowledge is required apart from two Hebrew words:

  • Kosher: an adjective describing something that complies with Jewish dietary laws. In Hebrew it means “fit,” as in “fit for human consumption.”
  • Kashrut: a noun that refers to the body of Jewish dietary laws

Right now this site includes information on how to recognize kosher foods (see “Kosher Symbols), and a brief description of the rules for Produce, Meat, and Fish. I plan to expand the site with additional information based on reader feedback.

Disclaimer: The information in this website is based on my decades of personal experience and study of Jewish law. I am not an expert on the laws of Kashrut. If you need a legal ruling regarding the kosher status of any food item, please consult an orthodox rabbi.

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